Why Egg Whites?


Egg Protein is considered to be one of the finest WHOLE FOOD PROTEINS in the world. Nutritionists often refer to it as the “Gold” Standard for Protein Quality. Egg white contains a full spectrum of 18 Amino Acids including the important Amino Acids necessary for building muscle and bone (Tryptophan, Arganine, Glutamic Acid).

The Bio Availability of Egg White is 100. This means that the full quota of protein offered by egg can be utilized by the body.

Egg White Protein is absorbed less quickly than the ever popular whey, thus providing your body with a sustained release of quality protein. Egg White also contains all the Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s) which are essential for insulin release and metabolic processes taking place. Egg White is also used very successfully to prevent water retention. With competitions, it can be used very successfully right up to the actual competition day, without any water retention. 100% Egg White Protein and other Egg White products by BSNSA helps draw excess fluid from the body.

By having eliminated the egg yolk, the undesirable properties of fat and cholesterol have been removed.

Egg White – Liquid and Powder form – delivers all the essential Amino Acids, various minerals and vitamins and keeps you feeling full for longer. Egg White (or Albumin as it is also known) takes approximately 3 – 3½ hours to digest, because of slow nitrogen release into the muscles, keeping your body in an anti-catabolic state until your next meal time. Egg White is also known as the “Natural Appetite Suppressant”

Egg Whites can be used in so many different forms. It would be difficult for boredom to set in at mealtimes. Liquid Egg Whites can be made into omelets, cooked & mixed with steamed vegetables, scrambled eggs, added to light soups, etc. Alternately, use a powdered Egg White like 100% Egg White Protein by Body Sculpture Nutrition SA. Rock Hard Pure Egg White Protein / Anabolic Muscle builder / Mass-On / 100% Egg White Protein / Egg White Protein with 5g carbs / Meal Replacement / Slender Choice comes in a variety of flavors (Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Coffee Mocha), contains fiber and are so simple to use. It contains no Fat or Cholesterol and the only Carbohydrate it has is dietary fiber that is not absorbed by the body. BSNSA products is also aspartame free.

If you are serious about protein intake, eggs are then an essential part of your diet. Egg White Protein can be used as a replacement for whole food protein sources and should be used pre- and/or post workout to assist your body in muscle recovery. Egg White Protein delivers 15 grams of pure protein with every 20 gram serving and are great for the “in-between” meals. Egg White Protein is an Ideal Toning Protein. Take it first thing in the morning and also last thing at night. Mix it into your morning oats. Keeps your body in an anti-catabolic state while sleeping by having a great tasting Egg White Protein Shake just before bed time.

It is simple and easy to use. Egg White Protein mixes well with water, fat free milk, fruit juice, yoghurt and makes great smoothies! Egg White Protein can be used by diabetics, children and the elderly. It is also suitable for lactose intolerant people too.

Athletes that use Egg White Protein have found the following benefits to occur:

  • Less fluid accumulation beneath the skin
  • Egg White Powder draws fluid from your system
  • Keeps hunger at bay.
  • Great for Competitions nutrition, as it prevents excess fluid storage.
  • Delivers great volume of Protein per serving, without compromising on the taste.