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Egg White Protein Advantages - 2014-09-29

Biological value of Egg Protein:  88  Egg protein is absorbed by the body at a rate in between the fast absorbing whey protein, and the slow absorbing casein protein.  It’s a protein that can be consumed at pretty much any meal. Since eggs are one of the best muscle building foods Mother Nature has to offer, you would exp... more

Egg Protein Table - 2014-09-29

Egg (100 grams) Protein Calories Raw 6g 75 Boiled average 6g 80 Fried in oil 6g 120 Scrambled (2 Eggs + Milk) 14g ... more

Amino Acids / 100g Egg White - 2014-09-29

Amino Acid Qty (mg/100g) Function in Body Alanine (Non-Essential) 4.68 Helps transfer Nitrogen from peripheral tissue to the liver. Aids in the metabolism of glucose. Guards against the build-up of toxic substances that are released into muscle cell... more

What is Protein? - 2014-09-29

A protein is a long train of amino acids linked together. Proteins have different functions; they can provide structure (ligaments, fingernails, hair), help in digestion (stomach enzymes), aid in movement (muscles), and play a part in our ability to see (the lens of our eyes is pure crytalline protein). Protein is a long chain molecule made up o... more

Why Egg Whites? - 2013-06-21

NATURE’S GOLD STANDARD Egg Protein is considered to be one of the finest WHOLE FOOD PROTEINS in the world. Nutritionists often refer to it as the “Gold” Standard for Protein Quality. Egg white contains a full spectrum of 18 Amino Acids including the important Amino Acids necessary for building muscle and bone (Tryptophan, Argan... more

What is BCAA's? - 2013-06-21

BRANCH CHAIN AMINO ACIDS - WHAT ARE THEY?   Amino Acids are comprised of Essential and Non Essential.   The Essential Amino Acids are those that we need for healthy tissue repair. They are called the building blocks of protein.   Essential Amino acids are found in animal products i.e. meat, eggs, dairy, etc. &nb... more

100% Egg White Protein - 2013-06-21

   ·          Remember that only approximately 30 grams of protein can be used by your body in one meal, so the maximum amount of in 100% Pure Egg White Protein you will need in one meal is 10 teaspoons.  (40 grams = 31.6 grams protein) (Equivalent to 10 egg whites) 100% Pur... more