Amino Acids / 100g Egg White

Amino Acid



Function in Body

Alanine (Non-Essential)


Helps transfer Nitrogen from peripheral tissue to the liver. Aids in the metabolism of glucose. Guards against the build-up of toxic substances that are released into muscle cell when Protein is broken down to meet energy needs; strengthens immune system by producing antibodies.

Arginine (Non- Essential)


The “Natural Viagra” – increases blood flow, retards the growth of tumours and cancers by enhancing the immune system. Increases size of Thymus gland that produces T cells; aids liver detoxification by neutralising ammonia; reduces effects of chronic alcohol toxicity’ increases sperm count; aids in weight loss  as it facilitates an increase in muscle mass and reduction of body fat; assists the release of growth hormones which is crucial for optimal muscle growth and repair; it is a major component of connective tissue; aids in stimulating pancreas to release insulin

Aspartic Acid (Non-Essential)


Increases stamina and good for chronic fatigue and depression. Rejuvenates cellular activity, cell formation and metabolism. Aids the expulsion of ammonia from the liver – thus protecting it. Helps move certain minerals across the intestinal lining and into the blood and cells; aids the function of RNA and DNA – genetic information.

Cystine (Non-Essential)


Powerful anti-oxidant protects the liver and brain from damage of alcohol, drugs and toxic compounds. Promotes recovery from severe burns and surgery, promotes the burning of fat and building of muscle; slows down the aging process.

Glutamic Acid / L-Glutamine (Non-Essential)


Helps build and maintain muscle tissue; helps prevent muscle wasting; assists in maintaining acid / alkali balance in the body. Decrease cravings for sugar and alcohol; shortens healing time for ulcers and alleviates fatigue. A neurotransmitter for the central nervous system, brain and spinal cord. Important in the metabolism of sugars and fats; aids in the transportation of potassium into the spinal chord; acts as brain fuel; helps correct personality disorders.

Glycine (Non-Essential)


Retards muscle degeneration; improves glycogen storage; promotes healthy prostate, central nervous system and immune system; useful for repairing damaged tissue and promotes healing.

Histadine (Essential)


Essential for growth and repair of tissues; important for maintenance of myelin sheaths which protect nerve cells.; needed for the production of red and white blood cells; lowers blood pressure; aids in the removal of heavy metals from the body; aids in sexual arousal.

Isoleucine (Essential) BCAA


Needed for haemoglobin formation; regulates blood sugar and energy levels; aids in healing and repair of muscle tissue, skin and bones.

Leucine (Essential) BCAA


Works Isoleucine and Valine to promote healing of muscle tissue, skin and bones. Recommended for those recovering from surgery; lowers bloods sugar levels; aids in increasing growth hormone production.

Lysine (Essential)


Ensure adequate calcium absorption and maintains correct nitrogen balance in adults; helps for collagen; aids in the production of anti-bodies; lowers high serum triglyceride levels.

Methionine (Essential)


A good source of sulphur; assists the breakdown of fats; helps detoxify harmful agents such as lead and other heavy metals; helps diminish muscle weakness.

Phenylalanine (Essential)


Helps signal transmittal between nerve cell and brain; promotes alertness and vitality; elevates mood; decreases pain; aids memory.

Proline (Non-Essential)


Aids the production of collagen, thus improving skin texture; helps the healing of cartilage and the strengthening of joints, tendons, heart muscle. Works with Vit C to promote healthy connective tissue.

Serine (Non-essential)


Needed for the proper metabolism of fats and fatty acids; the growth of muscle and maintenance of healthy immune system. Important for DNA & RNA cell function; aids in the production of immunoglobins and antibodies.

Threonine (Essential)


Helps maintain proper protein balance in the body. Important for the formation of collagen, elastic and tooth enamel; aids liver and Lipotropic function when combines with Aspartic acid and Methionine; prevents build up of fats in the liver; assists with metabolism and assimilation.

Tryptophan (Essential) NB


A natural relaxant; helps alleviate insomnia; reduces anxiety and depression and stabilises the mood; helps in the treatment of migraine headaches; helps the immune system function correctly; appetite suppressant; enhances the release of growth hormones.

Tyrosine (Non-Essential)


Important to the overall metabolism; is a precursor of adrenaline, nor epinephrine and dopamine, which regulates mood and stimulates metabolism and the nervous system.; acts as a mood elevator; suppresses appetite; aids in the production of melanin – skin & hair pigment; aids the functioning of the thyroid, pituitary and adrenal glands.

Valine (Essential) BCAA


It is needed for muscle co-ordination and metabolism, tissue repair and for the maintenance of proper nitrogen balance in the body; used as an energy source by muscle tissue; helpful in treating liver and gallbladder disease; promotes mental vigour and calm.