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Body Sculpture Nutrition SA’s Meal Replacement / Diet Protein Shake

is specially formulated for Men Women.

Protein in this product is only
from Egg White Protein and Soya Protein.  No Whey.

BSNSA’s Meal Replacement is:
   Whey and Lactose Free
   A & O Blood Group Friendly
   Sugar, Aspartame and Fat Free
   Natural Appetite Suppressant
   Help stop cravings, pick up insulin levels, keep it constant

BSNSA’s Meal Replacement contains very little fat,
and just enough Carbohydrates to ensure a balanced shake
that can be used in conjunction with a kilojoule restricted
diet or as a meal replacement.

Modern lifestyles do not leave enough time to prepare well
balanced meals in advance.  Body Sculpture Nutrition SA’s
Slender Choice Meal Replacement / Diet Protein Shake is a
convenient and tasty alternative.