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Body Sculpture Nutrition SA’s unique blend of High BV
Quality Proteins and additional Amino Acids is specially formulated to
keep your body in an anabolic state as long as possible.  A powerful
combination of fast and slow release proteins that last for hours and
extra BCAA’s for protein synthesis, muscle growth and repair.

A continuous positive Nitrogen balance is created in
the body, which is essential for building muscle tissue.
Proteins found in Mass-On supplies levels of Nitrogen that your
body can absorb, use and retain which promotes lean
muscle growth.  Taurine maximise nutrients and Amino Acid uptake
and produce energy.  A high BV means the proteins
consumed are of a high quality and all the available
protein that is needed is readily used by the body.  

L-Glutamine and Creatine are both Amino Acids
that occur naturally in the body.  These have been added to Mass-On
to ensure that overall performance is enhanced.  
L-Glutamine plays a part in maintaining proper blood
glucose level and the right PH range in the increase levels
of growth hormones, it helps prevent the breakdown of muscle
tissue. It increases muscle power and reduces the
amount of muscle deterioration after a workout.
Creatine is important for pre- and post workout as this
allows for rapid increase for growing muscle size and enhance
overall performance and endurance in any sport.