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By using a unique blend of High Quality Proteins and
additional Amino Acids, Body Sculpture Nutrition SA’s
Anabolic Muscle Builder is designed to keep your body
in an anabolic/anti-catabolic state as long as possible.
A continuous positive Nitrogen balance is created in the
body, which is essential for building muscle tissue. The
blend of pure proteins used in BSNSA’s Anabolic
Muscle Builder gives a High Biological Value (BV).
This means that the proteins found in Body Sculpture
Nutrition SA’s Anabolic Muscle Builder supplies levels
Nitrogen that your body can absorb, use and retain
which promotes lean muscle growth.  A high BV means
the proteins consumed are of a high quality and all the
available protein is readily used. L-Glutamine and
Creatine are both Amino Acids that occur naturally in
the body. These have been added to Body Sculpture
Nutrition SA’s Anabolic Muscle Builder to ensure overall
performance is enhanced. For example: Additional
L-Glutamine is known to increase levels of growth
hormones, it helps prevent the breakdown of muscle
tissue. It increases muscle power and reduces the
amount of muscle deterioration after a workout.
Creatine is important for pre- and post workout as this
allows for rapid increase in muscle size, super strength
during your workout and enhance overall performance.