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Body Sculpture Nutrition SA was founded in 2006 by the owner, Gaven Smith - Former Springbok Body Builder, Super Heavy Weight Body Building Champion, 4 x Mr SA and Mr. Universe finalist - placing 4th out of 25 countries and 125 professional athletes. Gaven is also a well respected judge in Body Building competitions and coach for many professional athletes. He is a dedicated athlete who knows and understands fitness, physique and correct nutrition to achieve anyone’s goals. Gaven takes great pride in supplying premium products with the correct nutritional information.






Egg White Protein Advantages

Biological value of Egg Protein: 88 Egg protein is absorbed by the body at a rate in between the fast absorbing whey protein ...



Egg Protein Table

Egg (100 grams) Protein Calories Raw 6g 75 Boiled average 6g 80 Fried in oil 6g 120 Scrambled (2 Eggs + Milk) 14g 170 ...



Amino Acids / 100g Egg White

Amino Acid Qty (mg/100g) Function in Body Alanine (Non-Essential) 4.68 Helps transfer Nitrogen from peripheral tissue ...



What is Protein?

A protein is a long train of amino acids linked together. Proteins have different functions; they can provide structure ...