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Body Sculpture Nutrition Sa’s ROCK HARD is the most
advanced 100% Pure Egg White Protein with added Amino
Acids on the market.  The only protein that competitive
bodybuilders can use up to day of competition to help
burn the extra fat off your body and reducing water under
your skin to enable you to reach your goals, being the best
and looking great on stage.

With the highest protein biological value of 100 amongst
whole food sources, eggs provide the most absorbable
premium source of protein that are efficiently utilized in
your body since the Iron Age.  Loaded with BSNSA Amino
Acid Blend.  Amino Acids assist in enhancing energy
levels, burning fat, building muscle, speeding up recovery
and boosting the immune system.

During the night your body is enduring a fasting period.  
When you wake up in the morning your body is more than
likely highly catabolic, breaking protein down into Amino
Acids and costing you muscle at the same time.  That is
why it is absolutely critical that for your first and last meal
of the day, you’ll want to focus on high quality slow release
Protein lasting up to 4 hours and avoid carbohydrates, in
order to encourage late-night muscle growth and prevent
any unnecessary fat storage.